Healing from Addiction- A Letter of Encouragement

Healing from addiction a letter of encouragement

Hi there. I just wanted to take a few moments and write to those who may be healing from addiction.

It does not matter what you are addicted to. Drugs, food, caffeine, exercise, tv, etc. Addiction is addiction. It is hard to get out of the mindset of addiction. We are creatures of habit if our addictions become our habits then our addictions start to define us.

You can tell by the way you feel, look, think, how you carry yourself, etc. The good news is just like you can break a habit; you can break an addiction. However, just like breaking a habit, breaking an addiction is hard. Especially the mental and physical grasps addictions can make you feel.

I want you to know YOUR mind is stronger than any addiction. YOU have the power to overcome and conquer any addiction, habit, challenge, etc. I won’t lie. It will be hard. You may fall and have slip-ups from time to time. That’s okay. You can start healing addiction when you put your mind to it. Keep going.

Try not to be harsh with yourself when healing an addiction. Remind yourself frequently you are human, and you make mistakes. It takes time to get from one mindset to the next.

Once you are free from the addiction you were experiencing, you will have gained so much knowledge and understanding that you can turn around and help others out of the same addictions you were experiencing.

People who have been through the struggle of addiction learn so much on the journey to a healthier mind. Things they can share with others to help them out of the same place they were once at.

You are not alone. Someone somewhere is experiencing the emotions you are feeling right now. The withdrawal, the mental battle, and the good days and the bad. Finding a good support group that can help you through your own addiction battles can help in many unexpected ways.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people trying to get the same help as you can be beneficial for all parties. You can share things that help you that someone may not have thought of and vice Versa.

You can find online communities or local communities. There is always help out there for what you may be experiencing.

Please don’t be hard on yourself. You are not weak for messing up. You are not stupid for falling into the trap of addiction. You are not a bad person. You are someone who feels just as everyone else does. Sometimes emotions get too intense and we turn to things that are not so great for us.

Sometimes we create addictions by mistake. Sometimes we just want to fit in. There are countless reasons why addictions start. Those who break those addictions have bittersweet testimonies to help others through their own battles.

One day you will be the one to inspire others to keep going and to never give up. Inspiring them for their own healing addiction journey. For now, just realize how powerful your mind can be when you set a goal, focus, and go for it. You got this and you can overcome anything you can dream of.

Have you had a setback? Look at all the days you completed. One day does not define your progress. One day does not undo all the progress you’ve made. If you keep getting back up and going then one day you’re going to look back and smile at how far you’ve come. Your failed days do not make you a failure.

If you have to start looking at it minute by minute then start there. Make small goals that lead up to bigger goals. You got this. You can do it and you can keep doing it. Every day will not be easy, but the days that are not easy, the days where you feel like throwing in the towel but you don’t; those days will feel amazing when you conquer them.

Just remember not to get fixated on the days you mess up on. Don’t get stuck in a cycle. Break free. Ask yourself if you were to continue down this path where would you be in 2 years, 5, or 10. Would you be happy?

Addiction is not fun. Addiction can ruin lives, cause depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, physical damage, etc. However, you can break it and start self-healing in a healthier way.

Every time you hear that voice telling you to just do it one last time, or I’ll start tomorrow, don’t listen. Start now and don’t allow yourself to keep bringing yourself down or putting yourself to the side.

The longer you keep putting it off, the harder you are making it for your future self. You are in charge. You have the power to change anything you don’t like. You have the power to stop whatever you want.

It won’t be easy, it will take time, frustration, and a lot of patience. However, it is possible. YOU CAN BREAK FREE OF ANYTHING HOLDING YOU CAPTIVE WITHIN YOUR MIND.

Much Love,

Crystal Grasso

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