A Letter to Those Who Have Depression

Dear you who are feeling blue,

I know things are dreary, and your skies are full of grey clouds weighing down, waiting to downpour, like the silent tears you hide away. Sometimes it feels like you don’t want to get up, brush your hair or teeth, let alone go to work or school.

The days where you avoid friends and family because you do not want to burden them with your problems. Depression is rough, it is not your normal sadness that comes and goes. Depression can make you feel like you are drowning in your own thoughts and emotions.

The things you enjoy most become dull, boring, and not worth your effort. It can quickly become a weight weighing you down, hard to gain the strength to overcome this emotion. You wonder how some people get so lucky to never have to experience the emptiness depression can bring.

I feel and think about these things too. It is hard most days to want to do anything. Luckily, I have my little one to keep me preoccupied. My heart hurts for those who have to experience this alone, this is one of the reasons why I am writing a letter to the depressed.

I know the words, “everything will be okay, it will all work out in the end” does not do much, though the people who say this mean well. So, from one depressed person to another, I am here to say, let the emotions ride out, and do not be ashamed of how you feel. Come to know your depression, your triggers, and how you feel about the word depression.

Depression is nothing to be ashamed of. We are human, and life can be rough. Do not put on a fake smile and hope for a better day. This will only make you sad when you are alone. Thinking about why people cannot see through your facade. It’s okay to tell others, “Hey, I’m a little down today, I’m sorry I cannot make it to the party, movies, event, etc.”

Depression is real, and you know what? It is tough to live with. You are a strong person for getting out of bed and pushing through. You are strong for facing the days, hoping for a brighter day. Do not let someone make you feel as if you are weak-minded because you have depression. The truth is you are very strong-minded, and getting through another rough day, shows how strong-minded you are.

You are worthy of being loved and understood. You are more than this temporary feeling of emptiness. Your light may be a little dim from time to time, but even a dim light shines in the dark; and on the days when your depression decides to sleep, you are a light that can brighten up anyone’s day because you know how it feels to be in the dark.

One thing I have learned from people who experience depression is most of us carry a lot of compassion for others. We try our best to make others smile because we do not want our loved ones to feel the way we do. We have huge hearts and care about things deeply. I think this is why we feel sadness at an extreme level, and it turns into depression. Though, that is a personal thought.

Depression is not you. You are so much more than just a sad, dreary word. You are loved, you are a brother, a sister, a child, a friend, a parent, a lover, and you are beautiful. Don’t let the weight of the word depression weigh you down. Depression may be a tiny part of you, but you are so much more than just depressed.

Those who are going through depression, or have been through depression, I see you. My heart aches for you having to feel this dull dreadful feeling. I’m so proud of you for continuing on and fighting every day. Life is rough, and for some of us, it has been hell in a handbasket. Depression is not fun; those who have it know it’s nothing to poke fun at. You are a warrior, battling one of the hardest battles, your own mind. You are brave, strong, and amazing.

I may not know you, but I love and care for you. I know it doesn’t quite make sense for someone to love someone they do not know, but I do. Those who battle their thoughts daily, just know there is one crazy gal out there thinking about you, rooting for you to overcome your depression, and break free from the thoughts that hold you captive. Keep going forward and fighting, you are going to conquer and overcome anything life throws you. You are strong.

With much love,

Crystal Grasso (Ward)

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