“I Get Social Anxiety” – A Letter of Hope

I get social anxiety letter

Do you ever think to yourself, “I have social anxiety and I don’t know what to do?” Down below is a letter written from someone who also experiences social anxiety. Her goal is to help lift one another up.

Dear you who struggles with social anxiety,

Hey there, breathe, relax, and take a moment to look around. I know the rushing thoughts and nervous pitter-patter of your heart beating so loud you swear you can hear it pounding in your chest, which can make it difficult to focus. Just take a moment and breathe, recollect your thoughts.

Social anxiety is rough, especially when you have to go out to work, school, grocery shopping, etc. I get it. People can be nerve-wracking, especially with all the negative news stories going on, emotionless memes being spread, and countless other reasons that spike social anxiety.

Next time you are in public and become overwhelmed take a moment to stop, look around, and tell yourself you are okay. If you must, try to go into a secluded area to recollect your thoughts. The same thing goes for making a phone call. Breathe and tell yourself everything is okay.

I know things might not feel as if they are okay, but I promise you they are. The way I think about it is, that your brain is taking in so much information about everything going on around you, that it is easy to become overloaded and anxious. Those with anxiety tend to overthink and over-analyze everything. Try to relax and keep reminding yourself to stay calm and think rationally.

If you still cannot calm your mind, I want you to try to find one object to focus on. Take mental notes on the color, shape, and size it is. Imagine what it would sound like if it dropped or what it would taste like if you licked it. Try to guess where it came from if you don’t know the answer try to google it.

This technique helps gather all the racing thoughts in your head and helps focus your mind on one thing. It helps distract you from the strangers passing by and gives you the opportunity to learn something interesting in the process.

I’ve noticed this is a fast-paced world and I would become anxious if I was not going in turbo mode like the rest of the people around me. Learning how to stop, process and focus have been very helpful for me. Hopefully, this tactic will be just as beneficial for you.

Remember, take a deep breath and focus. You’re going to be okay.

From one anxious person to another, we got this.

Much Love

Crystal Grasso (Ward)

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