My View on Acceptance


When you think of the word acceptance, what comes to your mind? Approval? Being accepted to something? Maybe even love comes to mind when this word is mentioned. After all, when you truly love someone or something you accept every aspect of who or what they are.

Through many years of trying to figure out this emotion we call love, I came to the realization we are looking to be accepted for who we are. Our flaws, mistakes, quirks, and the hidden aspects of ourselves only those who truly know us see from time to time.

However, the very thing we crave is the one thing many of us forget to grant ourselves. Many of us do not accept our flaws, mistakes, or shortcomings. This can cause our perceptions of ourselves to become muddied. No matter how big or small you believe a flaw may be the antidote is acceptance and the will to do something about whatever you may be trying to suppress within yourself.

When you mix not accepting oneself with wanting acceptance you get the recipe for external acceptance or validation. A catalyst set up for frustration, disappointment, and the never-ending journey of trying to be good enough in a world that is far from accepting.

I know this frustrating journey all too well and still find myself being cruel, judgmental, and unloving towards myself.

The journey to self-discovery is an ever-going one and the path is not linear. Some days go well, and others are like a coyote let loose in a chicken pin. Chaotic, bloody, and like the chickens… just straight up not having a good time, bruh. 

Acceptance of all that is, can be quite frustrating at times as we do have to battle our sense of what we perceive to be right or wrong. However, acceptance is not becoming, it is the awareness of all the good and bad with the understanding we have the choice to choose which path to lean more towards. Because let’s be real, we are human, and we make mistakes.

Sometimes what we perceive to be bad is not bad at all and what we perceive to be good can also be disguised.

Acceptance is not cowering down and looking the other way, on the contrary acceptance can be used to stand up and fight for what one may believe in without hatred and violence. The understanding of a situation without emotional attachment can move mountains without blowing them up.

Maybe I look at acceptance abstractly, but words hold so much more meaning than the base meaning we have been given. Have you ever stopped to truly ponder on a word and what it can mean in a different context?

It’s a personal belief of mine that everyone has their meanings for the thousands of words we were taught.

Think about it, if we were to ask a group of people to write a page on what they believed acceptance was we would get many different essays back with a message around a common theme. Based on one’s upbringing, schooling, level of awareness, etc, we would get a range of meanings for just one word. Pretty neat if you think about it. How one word can hold such a deeper message.

How do you view acceptance?

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