Anxious Or Trying To Understand Anxiety? This Event Could Help!

Hey there! I know I said I was taking a break from blogging, however, an amazing opportunity presented itself for those who do read MCH.

I was emailed about a free online summit happening this month and was asked if MCH readers would possibly be interested. After reading about this online summit I thought everyone could benefit from it.

Now, it does have the option to buy an all-access pass with a ton of additional perks. However, the initial online summit is free to attend and listen to.

What is this summit I’m going on about? It’s the 2019 Change for Good Summit: Building Resilience in Anxious Times. In which, there will be 21 well-known speakers on the topic of anxiety.

Do find yourself feeling anxious or easily overwhelmed?

If you do, know you are not alone.

Our country currently faces a severe anxiety epidemic. Normal worries have transformed into paralyzing anxiety. And while our world certainly gives us many opportunities to feel anxiety or worry, there are also so many ways we can cultivate resilience instead of anxiety.

Many of these ideas have been gathered for the upcoming 2019 Change for Good Summit: Building Resilience in Anxious Times. This summit offers you a chance to gain a deeper understanding of anxiety and how to create a healthier, more peaceful, and resilient life. This summit goes right to the heart of the anxiety crisis and offers unique solutions. Some might even surprise you!

This free event is online so you can listen at home in your pj’s or on the go in your car! It airs on November 24-30, 2019.

If you find yourself anxious, worried all the time, and overthinking to the point of freaking yourself out this online summit can help you find new ways to cope, overcome, and ease your anxiety.

If you read this blog you guys know I am someone who has extreme anxiety, I signed up and thought others could benefit from this event.

If you would like to know more about the people hosting this event, their website is

Don’t let anxiety keep you from following your dreams and doing what you want. By learning more about it and various ways of coping you allow yourself the opportunity to overcome it, or at the very least cope with it.

Anxiety is hard to live with, I get it. It sucks, so why not take the steps for yourself? I am 😊 Hopefully you will too. We are so much stronger than we believe, sometimes we just have to learn a few more skills to help us branch out.

The way I look at it is investing time and/or money that helps us grow mentally is never money or time lost but an investment into our future selves. If we keep doing what we have always done, then we are going to always get the same results.

So, by taking some time to listen to this summit you invest in your future self. If you take from and start doing some of the things suggested to help ease anxious times, you potentially change your future. Remember if nothing changes then nothing changes.

Even if you are someone who does not experience anxiety, you can benefit from this summit as well. Did you know anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S. alone? It affects over 40 million people every year. I can’t imagine what that number is worldwide!

If you do not understand anxiety or don’t know how to help those who do this summit can help you better understand anxiety so you can help others who do experience anxiety. Honestly, this is kind of like giving back to the community by taking the time to understand and help others you are becoming a part of the solution in ending negative stigma and helping the mental health epidemic that is currently going on.

Anyone can honestly benefit from this opportunity. It’s free unless you want the all-access pass, which right now is discounted until the summit is launched then it goes to full price. Plus there is always the 30-day money-back guarantee if you did buy the all-access pass and ended up not liking it.

Either way the online summit is free and packed full of valuable information from November 24-30, 2019. If you are interested you can sign up down below.

Click Here To Sign Up

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