Come Share Your Inspirational Story at Motivational Coping and Healing

Hello, lovelies! Do you have an inspiring story of overcoming hardships that you would like to share with the world; in hopes of helping others who are experiencing similar situations? If so, come guest post at Motivational Coping and Healing.  Email Crystal at [email protected] with your inspirational story.

There are a few guidelines to keep MCH spam-free and to keep providing the material that is motivational, inspirational, and helpful. You can read them down below.


  • 700 words or more. I know this can be challenging to some; however, this is to keep spammers and others who are not looking to help others, other than themselves, at bay. If you’re in the 500-word count and cannot think of anything else to write, that is okay. I understand. Just try to strive for the 700-word count.
  • You can use a story already written on your blog. I will write a small paragraph with your link/ links explaining to MCH readers where they will be redirected.
  • You can provide up to 5 links and a link to your website (6 altogether), though they do have to be related to mental health. For example, if you mention a blogger who helped inspire you; or a book on mental health you enjoyed reading and think others can benefit from it, you can use those links. Just let me know by placing (link) and the link you want next to it, and I will do the rest.
  • You can choose to be anonymous, or you can choose to let readers know who you are.
  • Your post should be about something relating to a mental health illness and how to cope, understand, and live with the illness you have chosen to write about. Or it should be encouraging others to keep going who may be experiencing similar situations you have been through by giving advice, tips, and an understanding view of the situation.
  • I do not mind grammar mistakes; however, you should at least try to use the free version of Grammarly to catch the significant errors.
  • If you decide to use statics or any other type of information that needs to be cited, cite all materials correctly. I use Citation Machine to convert my factual information into citations.
  • Try to keep paragraphs between 3-8 sentences. Sometimes this is hard to do, I understand if you write more or less within a section.
  • I will come up with a title for your article, and if you choose to have your name displayed, it will be in the title.
  • We will place relevant pictures within the posts for you. This is so it can match the style of the website and make sure the photos are not copyrighted material.
  • If you ever want or need your content taken down, email us and let us know so we can remove it.
  • We do run things through a plagiarism checker to make sure we both don’t get sued for copyright material.
  • You can decide if you want to keep the comment section off or to turn it on. I understand things may be hard for you to share, and you might not want people commenting on your story.
  • I will ask not to use too much profanity. There was a point in my life when I cursed like a sailor, and sometimes I still do; however, I always try to get my message across without profanity. If you can get a message across without using profanity, please do so. This website is supposed to be inspiring, uplifting, and motivational, if it’s bogged down with f this and f that, readers might get the wrong message.
  • There is no room for hate, racism, harmful content, or anything of that nature. If your content has anything regarding things like this, it will be rejected. The world has too much negativity, and I refuse to be a part of that. Our goal is to bring light, love, positivity, and reassurance into the world, not hate.
  • You can choose to write poetry, a short story with a meaning behind it, or a regular post. This is your story; you decide how it’s written.
  • When sending your story, please use PDF or Microsoft Word, you can email me the whole story if you chose, it just makes things more straightforward if it is in PDF or Microsoft Word.


These guidelines are in place to make sure no one is trying to “piggyback,” spam readers with unrelated content, or misguide people. Also, they are here to keep you and me safe from getting in trouble due to copyright. I am just the middleman to help get your story out into the world. Remember, our goal is to help others through hard times that may have been similar to some of the things we overcame.

So, come on, and let’s help pull each other up and out of hardships. We all go through things that can help others. Things like physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Anger outbursts, depression, anxiety, and more. Some might experience schizophrenia, PTSD, or drug abuse. Whatever your story may be, you have the power to help others who could be experiencing similar situations.

This life can be dark, scary, complicated, and overwhelming. By spreading light, love, and understanding, we can begin to help one another, which in return helps fight the hate and negativity.

It’s time to start reaching for others and helping them out of the dark. Always strive to be the light you needed when you were in the dark.

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