Guest Post: Kloyde Caday

Hey guys! I wanted to share a series of posts written by Kloyde Caday. I do not have a reblog button and thought this would be the best approach without adding another plugin. The two articles down below are very informative and can benefit many people.

The first post I would like to share with you is the informative speech he gave to his students. Using the popular Netflix series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, he makes excellent points about mental health. I believe this post can be very beneficial to those who have difficulties with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), Social Anxiety Disorder, Alcoholism, Depression, and/or Suicidal thoughts.

The second post I would like to share that was written by Kloyde is a post on the negative stigma around mental health. I believe this post would be very beneficial to individuals who are wondering what some of the stigmas around mental health is.

The third post is about Kloyde’s personal struggle with mental health. By standing up and speaking out, we can potentially help those who may be going through similar experiences find new ways to cope. Kloyde is a fighter and a voice to many who feel lost.

Lastly, the final post I would like to share with you gives an additional look into Kloyde’s life living with anxiety and depression. He is open, honest, and does not sugarcoat how living with a mental illness can affect one.

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating inspiring, open, honest writings. It takes a lot to share one’s battles in life, especially when it regards to mental health.

You’re going to help numerous people find their voice, as well as be a guide to others who feel lost. I cannot wait to see where your blogging journey goes. I, personally, look forward to reading more posts in the future.

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