person holding cigarette stick

I failed myself today
I led myself astray
I told myself I was no longer this person
Maybe I went through too much corruption
Am I too broken to be fixed?
I thought I was over this sh*t
My head is screaming why
My heart keeps whispering try
I feel like I keep promising myself lies
I’m screaming out for help
Like God WHY
Please help me through this
This is not who I want to be

So, I’ll pick up the pieces and put them back in place
Tell myself this isn’t a race
It takes time to get out of bad habits
This isn’t Alice in Wonderland
Stop chasing the white rabbit

Hey, remind yourself you’re not running out of time
Take a deeper look into this rhyme
Realize how far you’ve come
Get up and brush yourself off
Tell yourself you’re not done
It’s only one day you’ve lost
Think back on the days you won
Take some time and recollect your thoughts
Always get back up
Never stay 100% in a rut
You taught yourself better than that
You’re so much stronger than you believe
So, get back up and fight for your future
Future me

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this blog <3

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