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Mental Health Matters

Motivational Coping & Healing is the personal blog and website of C.J. Grasso. The goal of this website is to inform others about mental health, give advice on ways to navigate through the hard days and bring hope to those who feel lost in a sea of disappointments, hardships, inner struggles, and darkness.

Struggling with her own battle with depression, social anxiety, psychosis episodes, PTSD, and hardships throughout life, C.J. wishes to shed light, awareness, and hope to those who also live with inner struggles. She believes in sharing experiences to help one another through the treachery hardships of life.

Additionally, C.J. is an upcoming author who is in the process of writing several books on emotional growth for people of all ages.

She has a free PDF journal you can download. The goal of this journal is to help people connect with their inner selves. It is called; The 100 Day Self-Reflection Journal. It Should pop up on the site. If it did not you can email her, and she will send a copy to you. Her email is, [email protected], subject line Free Journal.

The paid version (The 365 Day Self-Reflection Journal) will be released on amazon by the end of the year 2022, it will go more in-depth than the free download, as it will be a physical copy. Be sure to subscribe to her email list to be notified when it goes on sale.

If you would like to check out C.J.’s certifications: https://motivationalcopingandhealing.com/certifications-credentials/

To read more about this website there is a detailed description of what this website is all about on the about page.

Please, if you or someone you know is needing professional help regarding their mental health do not delay in seeking help. This website is based on the writers’ personal encounters with certain sensitive subjects and should never replace the advice of a therapist, doctor, or health care professional.

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