Homebound Due to Coronavirus? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Hi there. I just wanted to take a moment and give you a few, hopefully, helpful tips on staying calm and mindful during the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus has impacted thousands of lives, whether from catching the virus or being laid off from work to stop the spread.

Please note, I am not a doctor or a counselor. However, I have had the experience of having to stay in a confined area for long periods. Hopefully, these ideas and thoughts can provide some type of clarity, calm, or reassurance during this uncertain time. 

This virus is a new strain, and not to sound heartless because many people have lost their lives, I just want to remind you the survival rates are higher than the death rates.

Try not to watch the numbers if you are keeping track. This is going to potentially cause unnecessary stress and panic within you. The numbers are unfortunately going to continue to rise until they find a cure. We cannot help this fact, and while it is heartbreaking we still have to continue forward. 

Try to stay away from false news and unreliable sources as much as possible, especially if you have high anxiety. There are so much fear and uncertainty that people who are usually calm and collected, are saying things that should probably not be said on national tv during this time, which is out of panic. 

Uncertainty is scary. The unknown can cause you to overthink and over-analyze a situation. Usually causing you to bring up worst-case scenarios. When you start to overthink try to close your eyes and bring yourself to a place of calmness. Think of something that makes you happy. 

Stress is scientifically proven to weaken the immune system. Panic causes stress, stress weakens the immune system and a weakened immune system opens the door to sickness. Try to stay mindful and calm. 

Remember, there are doctors, scientists, and trained people trying to stop this virus. We need to do our part and stop the spread of panic and false news. Panic leads to nowhere. 

Stuck at Home? Here are some ideas to keep yourself entertained. 

Make an in-home movie theater fort.

You might be asking why not just sit on the couch and just watch a movie? Well… you could. I’m suggesting an in-home movie theater fort to help keep your mind busy doing something creative and rewarding. 

Brake out the board games

If you and your family are stuck at home you can break out the board games and have some non-electronic fun time. Monopoly, Life, UNO, D&D, etc… or you could get creative and make up your own. 

Start on that book you keep putting off

If you have been wanting to write a book now is a perfect time. Start coming up with the chapter layouts, characters, and plot. If you already started writing a book you can pick it back up. 

A great time to reflect on your life

Now is the perfect time to reflect on your life. Are you happy where you are now? If everything went back to the way it was tomorrow would you be happy? If not what are some of the steps you can take to go in the direction of your idea of happiness? Grab a journal and ask yourself deep questions. 

Make a bucket list of things you would like to do

Make a bucket list and then research how you can do each item on your list. Write down what you need, the costs, and the ways you can complete the items on your list. 

Start that exercise program you’ve put off

Exercise is a great way to stay healthy. Now is a great time to start an exercise program. I’ve recently taken up HIIT and do videos found on Youtube. (Thank you Emi Wong and Yoga With Adriene!!!!)

Read (or listen) to a book

Take your mind off the events of the world by diving into another world of literature. Or you could gift someone (or yourself) with the opportunity to receive audiobooks to listen to for up to 12 months.  I am a member of audible and I highly recommend them if you are looking for great storytellers. 

I never knew audible used real people to tell stories until I started my membership. If you were wondering if it was the robot-like voice that reads to you… no, it is not it is so much better. It’s like storytime when you were a child. A lot of the storytellers really get into character and use different voices for each character. I listen to stories while I cook, clean, relax, and more. It truly is wonderful.

*Please note I am an Amazon affiliate

Clean, declutter and organize your home

A clean home can surprisingly boost your spirits. You can use this extra time to deep clean, find items to donate to people in need, and throw out things that are not needed. 

Learn something new

Have you been wanting to learn how to code, play an instrument, learn a new language, or something else? This is the perfect time to sign up for a class, watch how-to videos, research, and put forth the effort into learning how to do something you’ve been putting off due to lack of time. 


While this is a scary time and a lot of people may just want to recluse into a hole and wait for all this to end, there is still a need for volunteers to help with things like food delivery, and taking care of the elderly, helping children, etc. Here are some ways you can help:

  • If you are able, you can buy supplies and get them shipped to places that are in dire need of help
  • Offer help with the meals on wheels program
  • Donate food you know you will not use to food banks
  • Help people who are homeless by calling shelters and asking what is needed
  • Fact check and stop any spreading of false news
  • Be mindful of others. You may not feel the need to panic, but many others are very afraid. 
  • Do not stockpile, only get what is needed. Stockpiling takes away from the people who really need certain items. 
  • If you see someone trying to sell items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, masks, etc.. for an outrageous price report it. 

Children out of school? Here are some helpful websites to help them learn and keep their mind busy while having fun:



PBS Learning Media




Look at your budget and see if there is any room for improvement

Look through your finances and see if there is anything you could cut out or improve on. Figure out what you can let go of to help you in the future. Read up on how to manage money better, how to do taxes, investing, and other money-related topics to help you if you feel stuck. 

Get creative

Draw, paint, color, make jewelry, or come up with a fun new idea. Sometimes getting creative can help us in many unexpected ways. From releasing stress to finding a hidden passion that can help you throughout life. 

Come up with a destress list

When you start feeling stressed you can look at your list and choose something on it to destress. Facemasks, bubble baths, meditation, reading, and aromatherapy are a few of my personal favorites. 

Online Window Shop

Go to your favorite stores online and browse their newest collections. Find a new style you like. Or just make a wish list or three. 

Organize your electronics

Get rid of unused apps, photos, videos, games, software, etc. Not only will this help you feel better this should also boost the speed of your electronics. 

Make a positive and negative list of things in your life to get to know yourself better

Write down all the positives and why you deem that as a positive thing in your life. Write down the negatives and ask yourself why is that in your life and if there is anything you can do to change it. 

Are there toxic friends or people? Does your job bring you joy or mostly stress? Do you like how you handle situations? Why or why not. Get to know yourself and the whys. How was your childhood? 

Have a movie marathon, binge your favorite shows, play video games

If you’ve been too caught up with work and now have the time to spare your television can help cure boredom if you have nothing to do. My husband is currently taking this opportunity to catch up on his gamming and watch his favorite shows. 

Write a song or a poem

Rewrite a famous song into a parody (though check on copyright laws before posting it), write a poem about how you feel, start a 30-day poetry prompt challenge, etc… 

If you rather get back to work and are wondering where you can find a job, here are some of the places that are hiring:


Amazon just made 100,000 jobs available due to the coronavirus pandemic. The link above should redirect you to the website that has different jobs available. If you do not want to click the link just type in the google search bar Amazon jobs near me. 

I am uncertain of any other jobs at this time if you know of any please comment down below so we can help one another out. 

Please remember to be safe. While money is an important tool we use for survival, it is not what matters most at this time. People’s lives are at risk. Just remember to wash your hands, don’t try to work if you feel sick, and don’t stress about financial worries at this time. There are disaster relief packages in the works, unemployment settlements, and more financial help on the way.  

Stay Strong

To all the families that have been affected by the Coronavirus, I cannot even begin to imagine the hurt, panic, and uncertainty you must be facing. You are so strong. 

My email is open if anyone wants to talk about anything like fears, worries, etc [email protected] this is a new email set up for anyone wanting a listening ear or helpful advice. 

Also, stand up to racial injustice. Blaming is not going to help. Shaming, shunning, and being rude is not going to cure anyone. This was something that was bound to happen eventually. Don’t let fear misguide your better judgment.

We are all facing this together. We will be victorious together. No more hate. No more small trivial arguments. We are all one. It’s time to come together as one.

I can’t do much but I can offer my time to help offset some of the panics and worries going on. Much love to you all.

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