How I am coping with TSW

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Having to go through topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) can be an itchy, burning, emotional living nightmare. The long nights of tossing and turning because you can’t get any sleep due to the insane amount of itching, the constant burning up even though you have random chills going down your body, the lizard-like skin…. It is horrible. 

Going through TSW is rough. I wanted to write about a few of my own coping techniques to help others who may be going through this awful period in their lives. 

  1. Get a large bowl of ice water and a soft baby rag to dip in the water and apply on the area to help cool down the burn.
  2. Get a hand towel and wrap up ice to make a homemade ice pack (if you do not have one if you have an ice pack def use that). You can use a hair tie to keep the towel together so ice does not fall out.
  3. Using your fingertips (not nails) to softly massage the area, lightly touching it. This helps alleviate the itch without leaving scars. 
  4. Write, play a video game, draw, do anything to keep your hands and mind distracted from the itchiness. 
  5. Research research research. Come to know the condition like the back of your hand so you know how to help your body heal itself. 
  6. Find a support group to help with the emotional ups and downs. 
  7. Take a look at the foods and drinks you’ve been consuming and eliminate any eczema inducing foods to help prevent flare-ups. 
  8. Keep up with self-care to reduce depression
  9. Express your emotions so you are not bottling them up and breaking down over time
  10. Drink a lot of water. At least 2 liters a day. 
  11. Get an adjustable fan to blow on you when you feel like you are about to overheat
  12. Rest and don’t overstress
  13. Meditation and yoga
  14. Eliminate harsh laundry detergents, lotions, sprays, body wash, shampoo, makeup, cleaning products, etc that can cause a negative reaction to your skin
  15. Have two comforter sets ready to interexchange throughout this process. There is A LOT of flaking. Having one to use while the other one is being washed is a good idea. 
  16. Look into NMT (No moisture treatment)
  17. Keep pushing through, you will get through to the other side. 

Other remedies I have not tried but have read are:

  • Using Tylenol to help with the pain
  • Benadryl to help with the sleepless nights and itching

These are the things I have tried and they may or may not work for you. Everyone is different and has different reactions to certain things. Remember, this is only a temporary time in your life. Hang in there and you will get through this. You are so so much stronger than you believe. You got this!

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