How to Format a Blog Post: One Way of Many

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“My style of writing is very different than yours” -Jane Austen

I wanted to share the writing format I like using with others who may be looking for examples or wondering how to write a blog post.

When I first started blogging, I remember feeling overwhelmed and did not know how to write a blog post or where to start. I just knew I wanted to write and share my own outlook on things I find passion in.

I researched and found many helpful posts and articles on how to format my writing. I tried out many and tweaked the ones I liked to help me with my own style.

While it is important for readers to be able to read the content you deliver in a way that is easily digestible for them, it is also important to have your own way of doing things that is helpful to you as a writer. 

I am highly thankful to those who shared their own journey and ideas about blogging. I too wanted to add my own experience in hope of helping new bloggers start out on their own journey. 

Honestly, you can write a blog post any way you like. It’s your space on the world wide web to create anything, any way you would like, within reason and the law of course. 

Down below is the method I mostly use to write my posts. Sometimes I have an urge to write just to write and don’t use any method. However, when brainstorming topics to write about I usually use the method below to help me compose a blog post that is helpful to me timewise. 

When looking for methods or coming up with your own, you want to make sure it helps you in some way. It may help the person who taught the method, but it may stall your own blogging journey. There is “no one size fits all” to blogging and writing. 

Sometimes we try other people’s “way” only to find ourselves struggling even more than when we began or we use a method for far too long with no promising results. It’s okay to drop old methods and try different ways of doing things. Or create a whole new method. It truly is.

After all, we wouldn’t have any methods if not for someone creating it prior 🙂 

My Method of Writing


I come up with an overall topic for the post. I think about things I’ve personally experienced, questions that flood my mind that I would like to research and find answers to, or I do a quick google search on topics I can use for writing. 

Many times, I’ve gotten inspiration from other bloggers. When doing this make sure to notify and link the post that inspired you to write, especially if you have quotes from the creator. Be sure to also thank them. 

If they would rather not be linked to your post, just remove the link and try not to take it personally. Everyone has their reasons for things, just respect their boundaries. Even though rejection feels bad, it’s never an excuse to harass or badmouth the original creator for not wanting to be linked to a post. 


I usually start my blog post with a quote that is relevant to the topic of the post. When using quotes be sure to add the creator’s name with the quote. This gives credit to the creator of the original quote. 

Intro statement:

I use the intro statement as a preview of what is coming up. Most of the time, I do this part last after I get the 3 main points and sub-points set up. 

Point One:

 I come up with leading points and then 3 sub-points of important definitions, relevant information, and an example. 

  • Definition and/or personal thoughts about sub-topic
  • Researched information
  • Example and/or action plan, list, bullet point info

Point Two:

 If I am writing a debate article or just want to come to my own conclusion, I use the second point for opposing views. 

  • Definition and/or personal thoughts about sub-topic
  • Researched information (If debating or coming to own conclusion, the opposing view, if not, relevant subtopic info)
  • Example and/or action plan, list, bullet point info

Point Three:

 I use my personal experiences to expand on what the topic was about. I see if there are any lessons I learned or could learn. I also write down if my views changed on the subject and why. If I do not write about an experience, I usually come up with another relevant sub-topic to write about. 

  • Personal story
  • Things I learned
  • Any views that may have changed and why

Please note, that the points can be moved around or added to. Sometimes you may feel you want to make 5 points or write out a listicle. Sometimes you may want to write your experience only. It’s your blog, you get to choose. You can make or look up different templates for different content. 

I say this because I used to follow things the best I could, almost robotic-like. I had to have everything “perfect and it drove me crazy until I broke free from that thinking. If you have a similar thought process, give yourself permission to find your unique way of doing things. It’s okay to do things differently and stand out. 


Here I wrap up everything written. I try to keep it short and to the point. I use the conclusion as a recap of the main topics and my own conclusion to the topic at hand. 

Remember, you can write any way you like. This is just one of many ways to format your content. Some people don’t use formatting and just write what comes to mind, which is also another great way to write. 


Another thing that helps me is sitting down with a notebook that is dedicated to blogging topics and I write down the main topic at the top of the page. I brainstorm many different topics in one sitting and write them on the top line of each page. 

Then I follow the format above with short sentences on what I would like to write deeper about. This helps me when I’m typing out the post. I can add thoughts, research, and examples more efficiently. 

The examples above are for the posts I’ve already written:
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This format allows me to have a non-in-depth draft of the post about to be written. This helps me cut down time. It also helps with not hitting writer’s block as often or becoming too distracted. Which is often due to ADHD. This method keeps me in focus mode, for the most part.

You’ll know what works best for you the more you write and get into the groove of things. The most important thing is to be yourself and write any way that makes you happy. You got this.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this post, wishing you all the best in your blogging journey <3

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