Let them Lie

upset young woman touching face in darkness

Let them lie

Be true to yourself

Do not scold

Their lack of honesty is their burden to hold

They know the lies they speak

Just nod and agree 

Without taking it personally

They cannot be true to themselves

Therefore they cannot be true to you

Don’t let their lies and manipulation tactics

Make your emotions come unglue

Make a promise to yourself

You’ll strive for your own truth within

Truth be told, this is your life to live

Opening the door to dishonestly will only bring strife

A liar knows their lies

Calling them out will not bring you pride

It will only bring arguments, mental anguish, and broken relationships

Let them lie

Be mindful of their guise

Don’t get trapped in their own mental battle

Be true to yourself and you will see

Your own truth will give you mental clarity

A liar built their own captivity

Don’t attempt to be their mental warden

Unless you too want to carry their emotional burden

If you find you cannot stand a liars lie

It’s up to you to walk from their life

Let them lie

Be true to yourself

Don’t let a liars lie cause your own inner hell

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this blog <3

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