Guest Post: Meritt Boms

Guest Post

I am so excited to share two very inspiring guest posts from the awesome blogger Meritt Boms on MCH.

The first post is about high and low expectations. It’s my own personal belief when you set low expectations for yourself, you’re basically selling yourself short. Low expectations can lead to depression, others stepping over you, and undervaluing yourself.

When you raise your expectations, you raise your awareness of yourself, along with your values. Which can increase happiness, better goal completions, and feeling great. Though one should never set unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations can lead to unpleasant feelings when not achieved. Causing depression, doubt, frustration, etc…

Meritt’s post goes much more into detail. You can read the post on high and low expectations by following the link below.

Power of Expectations

The second post is a personal post about depression. Meritt shares her own experience through depression with the hopes of helping others out on their own. Depression can be tough to live with by sharing our experiences; we can help one another find more ways to cope with the rough days of depression.

If you would like to read Meritt’s post on depression, you can follow the link below.

Looking Through a Glass

Thank you so much, Meritt, for allowing me the opportunity of sharing your writings on MCH. You are awesome!

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