Movie Recommendation: Crazywise

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Today I subscribed to Gaia and I am so ecstatic. I watched Crazywise first. I have never felt so connected to a video in my life. I cried through the whole documentary. 

A man went on a journey to understand people who have gone through psychosis. He documented a few people from throughout the world. I was surprised to see that people in other parts of the world are seen as shamans, prophets, and seers of the universe. They give meaning to the obstacles people with psychosis face. I’m a bit skeptical of all this, but open.

Western culture makes it out to be as if everyone has a mental health problem and should be locked away or put on medication. 

**There is nothing wrong with needing to take medication or seeking help, it’s important to seek help and listen to your doctor. These are just my own inner ramblings and questions that popped up in my mind while watching the documentary.

I wonder how much emotional and mental healing the western world could come to if we sought guidance from different cultures. If we were to look at what we go through as a gift instead of a burden and worked towards helping others who experienced similar. Instead of feeling shame for what we struggle with, we would feel a sense of understanding and learn how to use our hardships for something positive.

My perceptive shifted a bit and I felt so much better. I feel not as alone, and I am considering joining an online community of people who have been through similar. Opening up and sharing my experience on my blog has helped me in many ways.

If you have ever experienced Psychosis, I highly recommend this movie.

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