My Skin

person with white nail polish

Look closely at my skin
You’ll see faint scars of where my journey begins

Scrapped knees
Broken bones
Childhood memories from long ago

Look a little deeper 
You’ll see the broken heart of teenage years
Self-harm through many tears

My skin holds many stories
Some filled with laughter and fun
Some filled with heartache begat

The scars on my skin hold a past I have not forgot
To others, it may seem a bit strange
Maybe a bit deranged

I love my skin and the stories it holds
My skin shows a girl who never fully gave up hope
It shows a girl who stands strong

My skin is full of scars, cuts, and bruises
A story that yearns to be told
As a ray of hope for others with skin like me

To see the beauty in the scars and burns
Other people tend to judge when seen
Our skin is beautiful and full of mysteries of one’s unspoken history

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this post <3

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