Noom Review: Month One

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It’s been a little over a month into the Noom program. A program that uses psychology to help with developing a healthier lifestyle and relationship with food. I thought I would write about how it’s going and share some of my weight loss/gain journey on this blog.

I honestly like the approach Noom has taken to help people gain better control over their eating habits. I have not lost any weight, though this is my fault and not the program’s.

Losing my uncle and having my grandmother fall, fracturing her face, worried me. Instead of doing the program, I fell into old habits. Stress eating. Though this time I was able to pull myself out of eating for comfort faster than prior. This to me is a win. 

I joined Noom to help me change my behavior pattern when stressed. So far it has helped me see the why in what I do, have a better action plan, and have people there to help me get back on track when they notice I am slipping. 

When I first started Noom, before all the emotional ups and downs, I did lose 5 pounds within the first two weeks. However, I backtracked and went back to where I was before the program. 

While researching Noom I noticed many people were upset about the 1,200 calorie limit, which is honestly pretty low. They have changed this going based on each person. As you can see below, my calorie intake goal is much higher than 1,200. 

Though I have a hard time reaching the set goal due to a fear of food I developed after going through topical steroid withdrawal that triggered many flare-ups and inflammation. Sometimes I would gain as much as 10 pounds overnight without eating much of anything. I have a lot to work through when it comes to food. 

They also changed the Green, Yellow, and Red food groups to Green, Yellow, and Orange. This is to help encourage all foods, in moderation. I really liked this update, it really helps those who have a fear of certain foods see that there are no “bad” foods, just food you need to be more mindful of when eating. 

My Yo-Yo Weight Gain and Loss

I’ve struggled with my weight from a very young age. However, when I was younger I could not keep the weight on. I was an active kid and loved to run around outside. I struggled with iron deficiency as a kid, though I am unsure if that is the reasoning behind not being able to keep weight on. You could see my every rib and if I sucked in my stomach it was almost like a scene from a horror movie. 

That changed in my teenage years when I was sent to behavioral facilities for 5 years. I was put on 13 different types of medication. I went from 116 pounds at the age of 14 to 260+ by the age of 19, which is when I aged out of the system. 

Once out of the facilities I naturally dropped a lot of weight by walking everywhere. By the time I was 22, I had lost 100+ pounds and was around 160. Though I went through psychosis in 2014 and back to the hospital I went for about 3 months. After I got out I shot up to 200 pounds after losing everything. I comfort ate to avoid how I was feeling.

I gained even more weight when I became pregnant in 2016 and miscarried. I ate to ease my sorrow. In 2017 I became pregnant again and was strictly bedridden. I shot up 20 pounds in 2 weeks and had to have an emergency c-section at 8 months. Before I knew it, I was back at 260+ pounds after having my son. 

Devastated I began working out and trying the Keto diet. I went back down to 195 pounds by 2019. Then the pandemic hit and back to comfort food I went. Through that time period, I also started a bingeing and purging cycle, afraid I would gain weight. (I did)

This made my body go into starvation mode and store food. I ended up gaining weight, shooting back up to 253 pounds, instead of losing weight. Some of my teeth in the back became damaged and my hair thinned.

It was not worth it. There is no shortcut to weight loss and there are major consequences if you try to do things such as binge and purge or not eat. 

Please if you are caught in the binge-purge, not eating cycle seek help. It does not work. It is not worth it. You can overcome it, though it takes time. I watched a video that scared me out of the habit.

It was a video of a young woman who died over a toilet from binding and purging. Her stomach ruptured and her brain became swollen. Her parents took a video of how they found her to save people who try this lifestyle. It is very hard to watch, but the message is very important. 

I watched it every day to remind myself I did not want to end up like this nor have my family go through that type of pain. It’s not worth it. 

In March of 2022, I decided I had enough of the yo-yo diet and put my foot down. I began to track everything in a bullet journal. I went gluten-free for 4 months to see if that would help me with my topical steroid withdrawal flare-ups, I cut out soda, and I even cut out coffee for a whole month to see if it would help. 

I’ve proudly lost 21 pounds (the healthy way) since March 2022. I came to a standstill in July. After seeing so many ads and reviews about Noom I joined the program in August. I chose the 9-month plan after taking the quiz.

I am excited to share my weight loss journey on this blog. Soon, I’ll be sharing how I gave up soda, what it was like going gluten-free for 4 months, what it was like doing a 10-day fast, the benefits of yoga, and more.

Hopefully, I can inspire someone to also put their foot down and take back their life who faces similar struggles. There have been many who have inspired me to take action, which I am forever grateful for. 

If you are on a similar journey I am wishing you all the best and you are more than welcome to share your stories or links to your blog in the comment section.

My Honest Thoughts:

What I like:

  • You can read and/or listen to the articles. 
  • The quizzes to make sure you are comprehending Nooms message
  • The ease of use

Feelings before I start Aug 11, 2022

  • Hopeful
  • Inspired
  • Curious
  • Cautious 

Things I wish Noom would improve

  • Having an option to remove or substitute food options from recipes to broaden user experience and be more inclusive to those who are sensitive to many types of food groups.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this post <3

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