a referee and hockey players on an ice rink

It is a bit odd

It is quite strange

The only rivalry I seem to have

Is the one going on inside my own brain

The hardest battle is in the deepest trenches of my mind

Memories become my present strategy

To defeat the past

I’m on a mission to save the future version of myself from the wrath

Self-help and therapy help me gear up for the battle with the present and past

If something doesn’t change soon 

I fear my path will be full of destruction

My mental state nearing a monsoon

Can it be stopped or have I been through too much corruption

Gearing up to break down the pain

Looking at my own demons eye to eye

I will learn each by name

I will learn to understand the why

To defeat this version of me

To halt the calamity deep inside

I will no longer self-sabotage my future

I will fight for the woman in the mirror

I will strive for this life to become clearer

My rivalry isn’t with the world you see

My rivalry is with me

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