Song Recommendation: Manipulated by Beth Crowley

brown upright piano

Being in several manipulative relationships (both romantic and platonic) this song hit home. I didn’t know or understand their actions at the time, but looking back it was manipulation.

For example, getting with a guy and letting him live in my home in my early 20s, only to overhear a conversation he had with another girl that I was fat and he felt catfished. He knew me as a teenager from one of the facilities we were both in. I had gained over 100 pounds from the 13 pills the doctors had me on over the years. Crushed I brought it to his attention to which he said I had a cute face and I was lucky he didn’t take a taxi back to his dad’s house.

Looking back now, I know he was only with me because I provided a roof over his head. We stayed together for a year until I had enough and broke things off with him. It was a really crappy experience. I went through so much with him. He promised to change or do better but never did. I did learn how to put up boundaries and become more aware. There’s always a lesson in crummy situations if you choose to look for it.

Have you ever been in manipulative relationships that grew you as a person?

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