Taken Over: A Short Poem on Depression

Depression can make you feel like darkness is taking over you, changing you inside and out. The happy-go-lucky person, who always has a smile on, is replaced by a version of yourself who sees the darkest aspects of life. It can change your whole personality and make you feel hopeless. Down below is a poem I wrote when I was feeling profoundly depressed. It’s not a happy poem, but it is a poem about how I felt at that moment and an inside look at what depression can feel like.


Taken Over

I can feel the depression on my skin

It takes hold of me

And the process of hopelessness taking over begins

Long sleepless nights

Leave dark bruises under my eyes

This sadness is no longer just inside

You can tell by the way I walk

You can tell by the way I talk

The depression is slowly consuming me

Taking every part of me until I am nothing but empty

This darkness spreads like an incurable disease

There is no fixing me

So, I shall bleed

The pain is what keeps me from the empty feeling inside

Though I fear I have already died

I am no longer me

Depression has finally taken over, can’t you see


Surprisingly, I felt better after writing about how I felt. Having a creative outlet can help you in many ways, from feeling better to building a creative portfolio, which you can share with the world, to help others overcome their own depression.

Feeling lost and hopeless is one of the worst feelings out there, being able to help someone overcome those feelings is a beautiful gift. The world needs more people helping each other overcome hardship, rather than suppressing feelings and ignoring those clearly in distress.

Growing up, I was not taught how to manage my emotions. I turned to self-harm in my teenage years, along with overeating, to ease the pain inside. For a long time, I was an unstable adult who managed my emotions poorly and became stuck in a cycle of depression.

After having a child, I decided it was time to learn how to manage my feelings so I could teach my son how to express his feelings in a more positive manner. Personally, I believe many children are not taught how to manage emotions, which is why there are so many adults with negative outlets when it comes to anger, depression, and fear.

Numerous people turn to drugs, self-harm, overeating, and other negative outlets to avoid painful emotions. I believe if there were classes dedicated to managing emotions in every school, we would be able to build a better future for the upcoming generations. A future where there are less destructive outlets. Therefore, a decrease in violence, drugs, and prescriptions for things like bipolar and depression.

As you can see, creative outlets have numerous positive benefits, like helping others overcome their own personal demons and helping you take better control of your life. Being able to control your emotions is vital to your mental health.

Once you are in complete control over your feelings, you can overcome anything. So, the next time a wave of depression or anger washes over you try to find a creative way to let it out, and you will be glad you did.

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