The Beginning of My Topical Steroid Withdrawal Journey

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April 10, 2020, I decided to quit applying my topical steroid cream. I was prescribed steroid cream for my eczema by my doctor October 2019. Due to having extreme paranoia I was beyond proud of myself for mustering up enough courage to seek help for my skin. My intuition was telling me not to go and just find a holistic approach, but I wanted to continue my unhealthy habits…. 

I got a rude awakening call after about 5 months after I began using the steroid cream. It stopped working. Knowing they were just going to increase my dosage I tried stopping… unsuccessfully. After a few days, my face was in so much pain I went back to the steroid cream and began researching. 

Through my research, I found out many people go through this, and it’s called Topical Steroid Withdraw, TSW for short. Reading through post after post and watching many YouTube videos on the subject, it was clear the only way I could see myself getting through to the other side without having to depend on steroids for the rest of my life was to stop them cold turkey and get through the pain. 

I also found out the process can take anywhere between a few months to a couple of years. Something I was not ready to hear. I cannot explain the heart-shattering feeling that comes along with researching, seeing other people go through this, and reading the stories. However, it also gives small glimmers of hope that there is a light at the end of this long dark painful tunnel. 

On the 10th of April 2020, I stopped using my prescribed cream. I am now two years in and documenting my journey through TSW. I have an Instagram where I post pictures of my unedited and unfiltered face, and more. You can add me @

This process is painful both physically and mentally. I want to help not only myself but others who find themselves in this unfortunate situation. Surprisingly there are not many doctors who are aware or even believe in TSW. It’s real. It’s painful. Many people go through this including children. 

If you are someone going through TSW and would like to know certain questions you can comment below or email me questions [email protected] and I will answer them the best, I can.

I plan to put all my findings on this blog to further help the TSW community. If you have any helpful suggestions or have gone through similar comment below. All advice is welcomed.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this post <3

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