The Struggle

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I have not gone over my calorie budget and I have been walking more, going out for about 45 minutes to an hour. However, I gained weight and I am starting to get frustrated. I may have to set up an appointment with my doctor soon to see if there is something going on. 

During the last doctor’s visit, everything was great and my test results were good. I don’t understand why I am struggling so hard to lose weight after losing 21 pounds. It may be due to stress, I do stay worried a lot. (Another habit I am trying to break)

I had to delete youtube and social media for now because my anxiety can’t take much more of the destruction and chaos the world has been going through for the past few years. Worrying isn’t going to do me any good and what happens happens. I need to be more present. 

I’ve been trying to focus on the new Switch game Dreamlight Valley to keep stress levels down, it’s helped some (when it’s not crashing ha-ha). I tend to turn to either writing, reading, music, or playing video games to help calm my overthinking mind. 

I just have to keep going. One day I’ll get through this plateau. It’s just so frustrating waiting and putting in the work without results. I haven’t gone down in inches either. Sometimes I just want to throw the scale away and go back to comfort eating, but I know that will not lead me to the goals I wish to achieve. It will just set me back further. Argh.

If you have ever been on the weight loss journey and hit a plateau, what was something that helped get you through the waiting period? 

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