Update to the Letter and Card Drive

Hey there! For the third day of the blogging challenge, I thought it was time to do another update post for the letter and card drive MCH is doing for Christmas.

Though if you wanted to send a card or letter and wanted it given out sooner that’s okay too! Just mention it in an email after you’ve sent the card/letter. Let us know which letter is yours, as well as where you want your card or letter to be delivered.

We collect cards and letters all year round. The cut-off date is December 10 for the year 2019. I will be delivering them to the shelters the following Monday, December 17th before Christmas. If your card gets here after the date, that’s okay we will still deliver them up until January 1, 2020, which is when we start collecting them once again.

What is the card and letter drive?

The card and letter drive is a drive I came up with around April this year. As I was writing a post one day it dawned on me how much a small act of kindness can help someone in unexpected ways. I wanted to spark hope in people’s lives who were going through a difficult time. That is where the idea to start a card and letter drive came to fruition.

So far we have collected 495 cards to be delivered to homeless shelters, group homes, women and children centers, veteran centers, and extended stay hospitals. I am very grateful for everyone who has contributed, you guys are awesome.

This post is a bit late, I’ve been trying to learn how to make and edit videos all day. You can check it out my attempt down below, ha-ha. (I am new to making and editing videos, I apologize if it is not up to par. I’m learning as I go along. If you have any tips and advice it is greatly appreciated.)

Please excuse the poor quality, I am working up to better equipment. Also,  if the frequent pausing annoys you I am so sorry. I lost the majority of my memory in 2014 for about 6 months, it’s still difficult to connect thoughts at times. I am working on it though.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read and watch this post. <3

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