How to Use Social Media Help for Your Benefit

Social Media Help

Social media. Most of us use it every day. Whether to talk to friends, family, co-workers, or school buddies, or to scroll mindlessly to ease the chaos in our brains, cure boredom, or just have something to do. Did you know you can use social media help to do many things like boost productivity, increase motivation, become inspired, grow your business and more?

I’m sure you’ve read and heard about all the negativity around social media, how it takes away productivity, mindless scrolling, etc… this post is not about any of that. This post is going to show you another perspective on social media and how to use it to your advantage.

Tip One: How social media can help you increase motivation

I’ve seen many posts of people claiming social media decreases motivation and increases low self-esteem. Yes, it can do this. However, did you know you can use it to boost motivation, confidence, and feel good? You can, here’s how:

  • Think of something you want to learn, change in your life, or dream career
  • Make a social media account and follow anything to do with what you decided in the first step
  • Find people who are interested in the same things and connect
  • Set a time for you to scroll through and read all the posts that amp you up to follow your passions
  • Unfollow anyone who evokes feelings like anger, jealousy, depression, etc… Add them back once you learn how to not get triggered by what they post
  • Create your own mini versions of motivational quotes, posts, and writings to help motivate yourself and others

Redirecting our outside world to reflect on what we want to happen, learn, or be inspired by it helps boost our outlook on life and helps us gain more motivation. We have the power to use the tools available to achieve what we want in life.

Tip Two: Figure Out Which Platforms Help You Most

There are many platforms out there and even though they are similar in the social aspect, they provide different needs for their users. Facebook is a little more laid back and like an everyday party full of funny memes, drama, sharing of moments, etc. LinkedIn helps build one’s work portfolio and has great tips on productivity, business motivation, and professional connections.

As you can see both have different types of users. If you are looking to become more productive, motivated, and career-focused it would make sense to mostly use LinkedIn. If you have many social media profiles, that’s okay, though it can become a bit overwhelming over time juggling so many profiles. In my personal opinion sticking between 1-3 would be ideal so it’s not overwhelming.

Tip Three: How to figure out which platform is the most beneficial for you:

  • Think about what you are actively trying to accomplish. Are you trying to relax and have a good time? Maybe sell things you no longer need. Facebook is great. Do you like visual photos and info graphs? Need inspiration? Places like Instagram and SlideShare are two great places you can use to your advantage by following things you want to learn. Are you a journalist? Twitter, Tumblr, and blogging sites are perfect.

By using platforms that are more aimed at what you are trying to accomplish you open the door to help keep you on track. Following pages and people who have the same interests help you learn more, gain new inspiration, and keep your motivation high.

Tip Four: Cut the negativity of others out of your feed

There is a major difference between someone constructively blowing off steam, giving constructive criticism, or voicing a different opinion and someone who is actively cutting you or others down. If you are trying to boost yourself up one of the biggest things, you can do is cut the negativity out of your feed and out of your life.

Debates, outside opinions, and letting others know they may be wrong about something in an adult manner are all good things. If you are afraid to post your opinions, ask yourself why. Is it a person? An outdated belief? Whatever it is, acknowledge and work on cutting it out.

You are your own unique person who has your own views on the world around you. That is beautiful. Don’t dull your light due to someone’s cruel ways of speaking or viewing the world. On the same token try to be accepting of criticism. It truly does help us grow and learn.

As you can see you really do have the power to motivate yourself… with a little small work on your end of the course. Social media help can be a stream of motivation to add to your inspiration boosting value in your mentality… or a cycle of scrolling without much value to your life.

It’s up to you what you decide to consume. With so many people sharing great helpful content it’s easy to help yourself with all the helpful accounts out there. When you add to the helping energy more people get to benefit <3

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