How to Stay Organized

how to stay organized

Have you ever noticed being able to organize everything around you with ease (once you get the umph to do it), but keeping it that way is almost null and void? I know I have many times… even now I’m eyeballing the clean laundry I need to fold and put away. Learning how to stay organized after cleaning can be a bit hard to do, especially with everything that is done day.

If you too find yourself back at square one over and over after you put forth the effort to get things organized keep reading below. Hopefully, this post will have many useful tips to help you get and stay organized. I try my best to apply these tips to my own daily life so the overwhelming chaos that can pile up doesn’t (well at least not as bad ha-ha).

Tip One

After you organize everything, download a printable check sheet, get a piece of paper make a checklist, or find a reminder app; anything that can help you with visually checking off small to-dos for the day.

Write down all the small things to do before going to bed. For example

  • Put office supplies back in their rightful place instead of just leaving them on the desk
  • Don’t let dishes pile up go ahead and wash them (and put them away)
  • Pick up anything seen on the floor and wipe down counter-top

You can also make one for a select day out of the week. For example, on Wednesdays I will:

  •  Check to see if anything needs to be thrown out of the fridge
  • Wash, dry, fold, and put laundry away (you can do all this while catching up on your favorite show it’s a win-win!)
  • Go through the house and check to see if trash is needed to be taken out

Writing down and checking off items you can keep track of can be very beneficial. It helps with breaking down seemingly overwhelming everyday tasks into easier manageable chunks. It also helps organize your mind while building a helpful habit of productivity.

Tip Two

Stop using the phrase “I’ll do it later” unless you honestly have no time to do what needs to be done. Telling yourself you’ll do it at a later date opens the doors for procrastination which leads to things piling up over time. By that time, we have to sacrifice a whole day (or a few) on doing the chores, we let pile up. It’s just easier to get up and do it in the long run.

Tip Three

Declutter unneeded items to help with fewer hassles when it comes to cleaning and organizing. Decluttering can have many great benefits too.

There you have it. My three tips on how to stay organized once you find the motivation to get organized. Much love and peacefulness to you!

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